Are your prices negotiable? Do you accept offers?

We deal only in one price.

Do you give terms?

We always deal in advance payment or COD.

Do we accept credit card?

NO, We do not accept credit card however you can use other modes of payment.

What do you mean by "One Price Policy"?

The prices of our products are determined following a watchful study of the market conditions with a view to ensure a fair deal for the customer. The prices are obviously fixed, eliminating the need to bargain and consequently saving the precious time of the customer.

Can we have immediate access to your inventory after we register online?

Once you register, we would request you to send in your requirements upon which we will send you the inventory file and after few transactions you may get access for inventory.

Can you help us to get the stone certified by any lab?

Yes. We can provide this service after you remit the funds for the stone including certification and handling charges.

Can we cancel the purchase or return the stone if in case we don't like?

Sorry, stone once confirmed cannot be cancelled.

Can you send us image of stones to see the shape/ matching pair/inclusion & also help us to understand inclusion pattern of the stone?

We can send you images as you need. We will be happy to assist you to describe the stone so you can buy the right stone as per your requirement.

What are your grading standards?

We have developed our own PI grading based on international standards of GIA. Apart from the normal 4c's our in-depth details will help you to understand & visualize the stone almost 100% For more information on PI Grading system click here.

Do you accept bulk orders or programmes?

Yes, we accept bulk order & work on programmes also.

Can you ship the stone to address other than our normal shipping address?

Yes. As per your advice we can send at your responsibility.

Is it required that if I buy a stone today than it has to be shipped separately or can you combine our buying & send all the stones in one parcel?

We can surely help you to combine the shipment so you save on shipping charges. For this you must pay for each purchase within a day or two.

Which shipping company you normally use?

We use Malca Amit, Brinks, BVC, Lemiure, G4S, Dunbar for all our shipments.

Do you use FedEx or UPS?

We can also send thorough FedEx or UPS on special request but it's at your own risk.

The shipment sent by you is insured?

Yes. Shipments send through Malca Amit, Brinks, Dunbar,G4s,BVC, Lemuire are insured door to door. Shipments sent though any airlines are insured till your airport till you or your agent collects it.

Do we have to pay any shipping charges?

Yes, for shipping charges click here

I am unable to view updates and changes?

We would request you to clear cookies and cache in your browser. You can do that by going to tools - Internet options. Incase problem exists please check with your system administrator.

I am unable to search a diamond of my choice?

You can search the diamond of your choice by using our stock search. Incase you can't find it them please place your demands on WishList or feel free to call our sales team.

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